Vasiliy Lazarev

Front-End Web Developer

Front-End Web Developer for Mother Russia.

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, ReactJS, VueJS, jQuery, WordPress.

About Me

professional profile

10+ years experience in web-sites creating and maintaining.

jQuery Plugins, WordPress Themes and Widgets, HTML5 Promo Pages, Google Chrome Extensions and many more in one Front-End Web Developer.


skills that I’m
proud of

HTML5 with CSS3
Semantic Markup and cross-browser compatibility.
Native, jQuery, Backbone, ReactJS, Redux, VueJS, node, ExpressJS
Task Runners and Bundlers
Grunt, Gulp, Webpack
Themes, plugins, widgets and all that you need.
Google Closure
Closure Templates, Closure Stylesheets
Google Chrome Extensions


where I worked

IBM iX — December 2017…Present
Mail.Ru Group — November 2012…December 2017
Information Agency Banki.Ru — November 2011…November 2012
Utinet.Ru Platform — May 2011…November 2011
ADV/web-engineering co. — September 2010…May 2011


some of my works

Music My World
Music My World is are free Google Chrome Extension for browser based on Chromium like Google Chrome, Yandex Browser, Maxthon. Music My World allows you to listen to music in the browser and is independent of the open tabs.
Available in the Chrome Store.
WebRequest Redirect
Google Chrome Extention for Hot Swap files on webpage. You can use it for test new version of libraries or frameworks without any changes in your code. Just create new redirect path from one file to another.
Available in the Chrome Store.
Bip-Bip.Info - Automobile news
From idea to worked website with responsive design based on WordPress with personal theme and widgets, Bip-Bip.Info.
jQuery Switch Plugin
Easy way to create Switch with two states.
Demo page
Github Repository
jQuery Tooltip Plugin
Create light and adaptive Tooltips on your page with one line of code.
Demo page
Github Repository
jQuery Social Share Buttons Plugin
Create custom Social Share Buttons with counters.
Github Repository